Custody appeal dismissed where notice of appeal was not amended to include ruling on post-judgment motion. Ky Court of Appeals Published Opinion

Mother and son in bedroom spend some quality time


Mother filed an appeal from a custody order while a post-judgment motion was pending. After the filing of the appeal, the trial court ruled on the post-judgment motion entering findings of facts, conclusions of law, and a custody/visitation order. Mother did not amend her notice of appeal and the post-judgment documents were not included in the certified record. Therefore, the Court of Appeals declined to enter a ruling on the merits and dismissed the appeal for noncompliance with CR 73.02(1)(e) (ii) which states “A party intending to challenge a post-judgment order listed in this rule, or a judgment altered or amended upon such motion, must file a notice of appeal, or an amended notice of appeal, within the time prescribed by this rule measured by the date of the CR 77.04(2) docket notation regarding service of the order disposing of the last such remaining motion.”

Digested by Elizabeth M. Howell