February 24, 2018
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MAYS V. MAYS Husband and Wife entered into a Marital Settlement Agreement in North Carolina. Wife had an attorney. Husband did not have an attorney, but participated in the five drafts of the document. Both parties moved to Kentucky after Husband’s retirement from the military. Wife filed a motion to ratify the Separation Agreement. Husband...
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Grandpa and Baby
GARVIN V. KRIEGER, ET AL. Paternal grandfather and his girlfriend were adjudged de facto custodians of minor child and were awarded sole permanent custody. Maternal grandmother was awarded grandparent visitation pursuant to KRS 405.021. Mother and maternal grandmother appealed arguing that the family court erred by designating paternal grandfather and girlfriend as de facto custodians...
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GOODLETT V. BRITTAIN, ET AL. Father took custody of his two minor children after the death of mother. Maternal grandparents filed a Petition for grandparent visitation which was granted by the trial court. The Court of Appeals first addresses a jurisdictional issue. Grandparents filed a Petition for grandparent visitation, withdrew without serving Father, and then...
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