Covid-19 Ball of Paper

1. I am thinking about getting divorced, can I meet with an attorney?

Yes, we at Diana L. Skaggs + Partners, PLLC are continuing to meet with clients and prospective clients via Zoom, FaceTime, or telephonically. Following the Governor’s Orders and the CDC recommendations to keep our clients and community safe is paramount, so while our physical office is open on a limited appointment only basis under Healthy at Work guidelines we remain available and ready to answer your questions.

We are checking our telephone messages regularly, communicating with our existing clients by email and telephone, and always available for new client inquiries on our website.

2. Can I open a new divorce case right now?

Yes, you can start a divorce case during this time. Kentucky uses a statewide electronic filing system so while we cannot physically enter Kentucky courthouses to file new cases, we can file Petitions for Dissolution of Marriage and other pleadings electronically as normal.

3. Should I start the divorce process during a global pandemic?

The decision to begin the dissolution of marriage process is highly personal and often difficult. There are always many factors and concerns to consider from financial implications to the impact on children. There may be some additional stress in opening a case right now, but talking to an attorney is the best way to determine the timeline that is best for your individual needs.

4. Is there anything you cannot do right now?

Beginning June 1, 2020, courts resumed “hearing civil and criminal matters using available telephonic and video technology to conduct all proceedings remotely.” The Court is giving priority to certain child support mattersIn-person services remain severely limited, but creative solutions are available. In fact, we are used to using creative solutions to benefit our clients in all sorts of complex and unique situations.

Last Updated: June 5, 2020

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