October 4, 2021
Panda Puzzle
J.S.B. v. S.R.V. Livingston Circuit Court Questions Presented: Child Custody. Issues involve attempted adoptions of two children to terminate their biological father’s rights (without terminating their mother’s parental rights) as well as the applicability and viability of the parental “waiver” decision of Mullins v. Picklesimer, 317 S.W.3d 569 (Ky. 2010). The issues decided by the...
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100 Dollar Bill
Bond v. Bond Carter Circuit Court During a dissolution of marriage action, Husband had a medical malpractice claim pending. Family Court reserved the issue of classification of any award. After the claim was settled, although the settlement did not classify the awards by type, the money from several medical malpractice actions were pooled and divided...
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Paoli v. Paoli Marion Circuit Court After a hearing and order in a dissolution of marriage action, Husband appealed arguing that Family Court erred in its valuation of the marital items of personal property divided between the parties. The only party who presented testimony regarding the value of the personal property was Wife, which was...
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