What is modification of a custody or parenting time order?


There may be a time when you need to change a parenting time or custody order. The process will likely start with a motion for modification.

When it comes to child custody, one of the most common reasons parents seek out a modification to a prior court order is relocation. Sometimes people may have to relocate for work or family reasons. As a result, that causes parents to review whether they can still share joint custody and/or need to have the parenting schedule changed. Another reason is remarriage or the act of dating someone else. Perhaps another adult figure enters into the picture and the other parent doesn’t like that person or want that person around the children. That’s a common reason parents ask attorneys to file or defend motions to modify. As life moves on and people continue onto other relationships, parents tend to review the custody and parenting time arrangements.

If you are considering modifying a child custody or parenting time order, you may want to consider consulting with our attorneys who can assist you in determining if modification is the right step for your family.

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