What Documents Do I Need?

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Whether for the initial consultation or an ongoing case, maintaining a list of questions that apply to your specific divorce, child custody, or family court case is one of the most important documents you can have both before and after meeting with your attorney.

Many times you will be nervous when meeting with your lawyer about the case, and you do not want to forget to address the questions that keep you up at night when dealing with a difficult family situation. It is important you remember what to ask so that you feel as comfortable with the situation as possible.

Unless you are filing for divorce, custody or child support for the first time, your lawyer will need to look over any prior documents in the family court case signed by the parties or the Judge to determine what the next steps should be.

You may want to bring any recent financial statements, including tax returns and pay stubs, so that your lawyer can assess any financial disparity between the parties and calculate support obligations. Be sure to bring any particular documents (such as a bank or credit card statement) that you have specific questions about.

You should maintain a physical or online calendar, not only for the purpose of keeping track of important events that occur with your spouse and/or children, but also to schedule future meetings with your lawyer and to keep track of mediation or court dates.

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