What is Motion Hour?

Nearly every week of the year (excluding holidays and other specified days), each of the ten (10) divisions of family court holds motion hour in Louisville, Kentucky. Each court conducts motion hour at the same time each week, as shown in the following chart:

Division #One (1)Two (2)Three (3)Four (4)Five (5)Six
Seven (7)Eight (8)Nine (9)Ten (10)
Motion hour
start time
9:00am9:30am10:00am10:30am11:00am11:30am 12:00pm12:30pm1:00pm1:30pm

Think of motion hour as a mechanism for taking care of the weekly business so that divorce, legal separation, child custody, and support cases keep moving forward.

Motions generally have to be filed (and served on the other party or lawyer) on the Tuesday prior to the next motion hour.

Family court judges generally do not conduct full hearings at motion hour. Instead, short argument may be permitted and then the court will decide whether to schedule a separate hearing, grant the motion, deny the motion, or take some other action.

Be sure to consult with your divorce attorney about the specifics of motion hour in your case.

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