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The two issues decided by the Supreme Court of Kentucky in this case were (1) whether the juvenile division of District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over IPO cases involving a minor petitioner and/or respondent; and (2) whether an...
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At issue in this case was (1) whether statements of a child to a treating therapist regarding alleged abuse constitute inadmissible hearsay; (2) whether statements of a child to a treating therapist regarding the alleged perpetrator of abuse...
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he Supreme Court disagreed. CR 52.01 requires the trial court to finds the facts specifically and state separately its conclusions of law thereon and render an appropriate judgment.
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Burgess v. Chase Hardin Circuit Court Grandmother moved to intervene in custody action between Mother and Father, requesting to be considered Child’s de facto custodian and be awarded custody of child. At the hearing on the matter, Grandmother...
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K.D.H. v. Com., Cabinet for Health & Fam. Servs. Spencer Circuit Court After the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (“the Cabinet”) petitioned to terminate Mother’s parental rights, Family Court held a hearing, ultimately terminating Mother’s parental rights....
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