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DOYLE V. DOYLE “Questions Presented: Family Law. Interest on money judgment. KRS 360.040. Application of KRS 360.040, governing interest on a judgment in a domestic relations case.” Husband owed wife $24,277.02 for a 1998 property equalization settlement. Wife attempted to garnish Husband’s funds ultimately getting a judgment lien on his property in 2008 after he...
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LEE, ET AL. V. LEE, ET AL. Wife obtained a common law judgment for attorney fees against Husband and his company in divorce action. Subsequently, Husband formed a new company. Wife obtained an order of garnishment for the new company’s bank account. Husband filed a motion to quash, which was denied by the family court....
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Medical Vision Group, et al. v. Hon. Timothy Philpot, et al., –S.W.3d—(Ky. 2008) 2008-SC-000017-MR
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