New company was “alter ego” of husband and subject to garnishment of divorce debt for wife’s attorney fees – Published Opinion from Ky Court of Appeals July 15, 2016

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Wife obtained a common law judgment for attorney fees against Husband and his company in divorce action. Subsequently, Husband formed a new company. Wife obtained an order of garnishment for the new company’s bank account. Husband filed a motion to quash, which was denied by the family court. The family court found that the new company was Husband’s “alter ego.” Husband appealed arguing the garnishment was void ab initio because it was ordered before Wife had any final judgment against the new company. The Court of Appeals affirmed the family court’s order holding that the family court acted properly under KRS 425.501 in finding the new company was “a judgment debtor in its capacity as an ‘alter ego’” of Husband.

Digested by Elizabeth M. Howell.

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