December 27, 2016
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ALBERT W. BARBER, III V. ELIZABETH D. BRADLEY Husband appealed to the Court of Appeals arguing the trial court erred by finding the equity in the parties’ residence was marital property and ordering the division of household goods and furnishings by lot. The Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court. The Supreme Court granted discretionary...
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FINK V. FINK Husband filed an appeal of an award of attorney fees, but failed to name Wife’s attorney as a party. As the fee award was “ordered paid directly to the attorney, the attorney ‘may enforce the order in his own name’ and, thus is the real party in interest and a necessary and...
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CHERRY V. CARROLL, ET AL Children resided in caretaker’s home for less than seven months after placement by CHFS and then were returned to Father. Upon caretaker’s Petition, the trial court designated him a de facto custodian. Father appealed arguing caretaker did not meet the statutory requirements to be a de facto custodian. The Court...
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