November 12, 2019
Baby Feet
Turner v. Hodge, et al.   Child was born in March of 2005 to Murphy and Hodge, who were unmarried. In 2015, Hodge’s paternity was established, and a child support obligation was set on the same day. Turner, until Hodge’s paternity was established, believed that her son, Jeffrey, was Child’s father, and Child lived with...
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Pink Piggy Bank
Lage, et al. v. Esterle   Mother entered a maternity home to give birth, bringing along her two-year-old Twins. A Volunteer at the maternity home and her Husband agreed to care for the Twins while Mother gave birth and recovered. The parties agreed the Twins would stay with Volunteer and Husband for four months, which...
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Roper v. Roper  Opinion modified 1/17/2020 On appeal in a dissolution action, Husband argues that Trial Court erred (1) in hearing the case after Husband, Wife, and Children moved to Texas, as it no longer had jurisdiction; (2) in the way it divided the parties’ property; (3) in awarding Wife maintenance; (4) in modifying the...
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Child on Father's Shoulders
Brannock v. Brannock   Husband and Wife were divorced, and Family Court incorporated the parties’ marital settlement agreement (“MSA”) into the decree. The MSA provided that Husband would pay Wife $1,000.00 per month in child support. It also provided that the provisions could not be modified unless done so in a writing signed by both...
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