December 7, 2022
Cabinet for Health and Family Services v. Honorable Kenneth Harold Goff II, Judge, Breckinridge Circuit Court, et al, Case No. 2022-CA-001059 Relatives filed custody and adoption actions related to their 3-year-old cousin, S.M.H., in Breckinridge Circuit Court. S.M.H. had been in the custody of the Cabinet nearly all her life, after she was born and...
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100 Dollar Bill
In re: Michelle Dougherty-Kelsay v. Michael Stephen Kelsay U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Family Court ordered Mother to pay monthly child support and 32% of childcare expenses to Father. Shortly thereafter, Father filed for contempt due to Mother’s refusal to pay certain child related expenses. Child then incurred certain medical related expenses,...
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