May 9, 2017
Power of Attorney
ASHLEY V. ASHLEY DVO was entered against Husband who appealed arguing that there was insufficient evidence to support the entry DVO. The Court of Appeals reviews the record noting intoxicated Husband screamed at wife, threatened to call CPS, called and hung up on 911, hit Wife across the arm, and later texted wife threatening to...
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Building 2
WALKER V. WALKER In 2012, Wife obtained a DVO against Husband. When the DVO expired, the court entered an Order adopting the same terms of the DVO preventing Husband from owning or possessing a firearm. When that order expired, Husband obtained an order allowing for the return of his guns and wife filed a petition...
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Panda Puzzle
AGNICH V. TYLER Same-sex parents, after separation, had joint custody and an agreed parenting-time schedule for their two minor children, twins with autism. Appellee moved the trial court to allow her to move from Lexington, Kentucky to St. Joseph, Missouri area. The court granted her motion allowing relocation finding Missouri had better services for autistic...
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