March 14, 2019
Gavel and Scale
A.F. and M.F. v. L.B. and B.B. Maternal aunt and uncle filed a petition to adopt minor child without biological mother and father’s consent under KRS 199.502(1). The Trial court held a hearing and entered an interlocutory judgment thirty-five (35) days after the close of arguments. Biological mother and father sought to dismiss the case...
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Building 2
Cottrell v. Cottrell Trial Court entered a DVO against Former Husband after he drove his truck into a house occupied by Former wife and their child in 2015. In 2018, Trial Court granted Former Wife’s motion to extend a Domestic Violence Order against Former Husband for an additional three years. Former Husband was incarcerated for...
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Toddler Holding Hand
E.K. and N.K. v. T.A. and A.C.K., A MINOR CHILD   Father filed a petition for (1) adoption under KRS 199.502 and (2) involuntary termination of natural mother’s rights under KRS 625.050. Father did not join the Cabinet as a party. The minor child resided with Father and Step-Mother. Mother argued the petition should be...
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