October 26, 2020
Dog in Moving Box
Gonzalez v. Dooley Warren Circuit Court Before Wife petitioned for divorce, Husband and Child relocated to Kansas City, Kansas, where Husband’s parents lived. Wife contended that Husband did not consult her about the relocation but rather that Husband had sent her a text message that he was going to look for employment and would return...
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S.B. v. Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Com. Jefferson Family Court After cannabinoids and opiates were detected in Child’s system after birth, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services (“the Cabinet”) filed a dependency, neglect, and abuse petition, resulting in Family Court ordering a treatment plan for her parents. Mother soon after died, and...
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Pink Piggy Bank
McCain v. McCarty Daviess Family Court Parties were granted joint custody of their three minor children, and Father was required to pay $158.17 per week in child support and to maintain the children on his health insurance plan. Several years later, Mother moved to hold Father in contempt for failure to pay child support. At...
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Smiling african American young dad sit on couch hug cute little daughter chatting or talking, happy black father spend time having conversation with funny preschooler child, enjoy weekend together
Carver v. Carver Boyd Circuit Court After a hearing on Father’s motion to modify custody from joint custody to sole custody, the Domestic Relations Commissioner (“DRC”) recommended that the parents continue to have joint custody; that Father be designated as the primary residential parent; and that Father make all decisions concerning Child’s medical and educational...
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