Can I change my name without a divorce?

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Changing A Minor Child’s Name

Requesting a name change starts with the filing of a petition, generally in probate court. Recent changes in Kentucky law allow name changes to also occur in circuit/family court.

The name change forms must be typed, not handwritten.

When a minor child’s name is at issue, the petition must be signed by the biological parents. If both parents do not sign the form, then the parent who is requesting the name change must notify the other parent by certified and regular mail at his or her last known address.

The court will schedule a hearing to determine whether the minor child’s name should be changed if the parents are not in agreement. The parent requesting the change must send a copy of the petition along with the court date/time and the courtroom number when notifying the other parent.

Changing An Adult’s Name

The wife’s name can be easily changed at the conclusion of a divorce case by simply making the request and including the desired name in the correct forms during the divorce or legal separation.

Otherwise, an adult can file a petition for a name change. The form must be completed in duplicate and signed in front of a notary public or court clerk.

If the person has a valid photo ID, then a court appearance may be avoided as the case may just have to be reviewed by the Judge for approval. Without photo identification, a court date must be scheduled.

Filing Fees

The amount needed to file for a name change can vary by county. It is recommended you call the clerk or an attorney to verify current filing fees.

You may also need certified copies of the judgment and order for a name change as those copies are generally required by the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics in Frankfort for your birth certificate and Social Security Card. Certified name change orders may also be required by schools, employers and the Driver Licensing Division.

Our family court attorneys can guide you through the process of filing a request for a name change.

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