K. Spencer Pierson
Johnston v. Johnston Hardin Circuit Court On September 21, 2020, Cindy Patricia Johnston (“Cindy”), filed a petition seeking a DVO restraining order on behalf of her twelve-year-old child, S.O. The DVO was to restrain Justin Kyle Johnston (“Justin”), Cindy’s husband and S.O.’s stepfather. The petition alleged that Justin “kissed” and “tried to stick his [tongue]...
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King, et. al. v. King Daviess Circuit Court This decision concerns the prenuptial agreement between Karla Evelyn Gardner King (“Karla”) and her late husband, Randall E. King, M.D. (“Randall”). Upon Randall’s death, Karla filed a declaratory judgment action claiming their prenuptial agreement was invalid because she had not been made aware of the nature, extent,...
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Accordingly, the Court upheld the family court’s findings, partially, and ultimately found the family court did not err in issuing the IPO.
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