Sixth Circuit
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In re: Michelle Dougherty-Kelsay v. Michael Stephen Kelsay U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Family Court ordered Mother to pay monthly child support and 32% of childcare expenses to Father. Shortly thereafter, Father filed for contempt due to Mother’s refusal to pay certain child related expenses. Child then incurred certain medical related expenses,...
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J.B-K, minor child 1, by Next Friend E.B., et al., v. CHFS and DCBS U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit A group of foster caregivers brought a class action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and foster care children against the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and Department for Community Based Services for...
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Salame Ajami v. Tescari Solano No. 20-5283 Mother removed the Children from Venezuela to the United States. Father petitioned to have the Children returned to Venezuela under the Hague Convention. Prior to the petition, Mother and the Children were granted asylum in the United States. In the District Court, the parties entered stipulations that Venezuela...
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